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Westerly Exploration, Inc. is a privately held independent exploration and production company headquartered in Houston, Texas with satellite offices in Midland, Texas and Calgary, Alberta. 

Westerly was formed in 2004 as a successor to Houston based Texas Crude, Inc. and the Texas Crude Oil Company by Mr. Charles Weiner, Westerly's current Chairman and the past Chairman of Texas Crude.  A short history of Westerly and it's predecessors can be found at "Our History". 

A Focus on Exploration

  • Westerly Exploration is focused on exploration for major oil and gas reserves in the Continental United States and Canada. 

  • Westerly's current core areas of activity are South Texas, West Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Southern California, and Alberta. 


Westerly and its predecessors have been actively exploring for oil and gas the world over since 1940.